RELAXUS MODULES specializes in the manufacturing and construction of (non-)modular residential and recreational buildings. This can be your first home, or, perhaps, you are considering a new home where you are thinking of settling down as your family grows. Or maybe you are dreaming of a mountain cabin next to the ski slopes where you can have a sauna after a long day on the mountain? Or could it be that you fancy having a summer house in the countryside, where you could relax after a hard work week or set a table for a group of friends? Whatever your vision is, we are ready to make your dream come true.

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The process

We often invite customers to visit our factory, where we can tell them what the house will look like and give them the opportunity to see it. During the preliminary assessment, we discuss the main details such as the desired size of the structure, what finishes will be used, what needs to be provided inside and out, and then we move on to the conclusion of the contract and begin manufacturing.

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Our projects


Agilos st. 18b, Klaipėda, Lithuania. LT-92337