Projects and price

Over time, we got to know the needs of our customers, which increasingly leads the company towards standardized solutions that allow us to have a clear and rapid production process and easily calculate the price to the customer.

Today, the company charges the following rates for its standard products:

- Recreational building - from 1300 Eur/m2

- Residential building - from 1500 EUR/m2

The standard price includes:

- Project drawings;

- Floor insulation with 300 mm mineral wool;

- Wall insulation with 200 mm mineral wool;

- Roof insulation with 300 mm mineral wool;

- Full exterior decoration (painted siding, thermal siding, fiber cement board);

- Full interior decoration (wooden paneling, plastered-painted plasterboard walls);

- Bathroom furniture and equipment;

- Kitchen furniture set and equipment;

- Infrared floor heating system;

- Air-Air heat pump and conditioner;

- Windows and doors;

- Internal doors;

- Water supply system;

- Electrical installation;

- Installation in Lithuania.

Here is what you need in order to purchase our product:

- know about the requirements for the construction of the building in the chosen area;

- the base on which the building will be installed, in most cases, bored piles are sufficient;

- outdoor engineering networks (electricity up to 10-20 Kw, water supply 32 Ø, sewage 110 Ø);

- evaluate the access possibilities for heavy vehicles to the planned installation site;