RELAXUS MODULES specializes in the production and construction of (non)modular buildings for living and recreation.

“Relaxus modules” specializes in the production and construction of (non-)modular residential and recreational buildings. Maybe this is your first home. Maybe you're thinking about a new home to settle into as your family grows. Maybe you dream of a mountain cabin next to the ski slopes, where you can start a sauna after a long day on the mountain? Or maybe you fancy having a summer house in the countryside, where you could relax after a hard work week or set the table for a group of friends? Whatever your vision is, we are ready to realize your dream of any complexity.

We aim for the houses we manufacture to be ecological and close to people and nature, where one would be able to relax completely in a stress-free environment. The most important thing for us is that the client build beautiful moments and memories in our house, which would be passed down from generation to generation.

Relaxus modules is a company managed by one shareholder, whose vision is to contribute to the production of customizible residential and recreational housing. We want to be a leader in our field and offer a comprehensive solution when the customer seeks to participate in the creation of his home. We do our best to make sure that ordering, document management, production, coordination and delivery to the customer is a simple and smooth process.

In traditional construction where work is done on construction sites, coordinating workers remotely can be a challenge. The stress that occurs when you feel that you have no control over the construction work of your house and the costs of the work is becoming more and more a thing of the past today. Customer needs are of utmost importance to us from the beginning of the project to its full implementation. Since we aim to remain flexible regarding the client's needs, we are ready to adapt to every client's requirements and preferences during the entire process. It is also important to us that the contract documents ensure that the total price does not change, so that the customer is safe in the knowledge that they have made a quality purchase.

All our houses are manufactured in a factory, which allows us to offer a one-stop-shop service without intermediaries and at competitive prices.

Due to the unique and fast manufacturing process, the finished house will be built within two to four months from the signing of the contract. All our buildings are manufactured in compliance with the requirements in force in the country to which the product is intended to be delivered.

History and factory

The company was founded in 2020, but the idea itself was born much earlier and the first modular house was manufactured in 2014. At that time it was viewed with skepticism not only in Lithuania, but also in Europe. As a company manager who has loved construction processes since childhood, I have been fascinated with the vision of building smarter and more customized homes at a price that would allow young people to realize their dream of owning their own home. To this day, the goal has not changed: the aim is to manufacture simple, high-quality and stylish residential and recreational buildings.

Today, our production capacity allows us to manufacture 5 houses per month and if the demand increases, we can quickly adapt to the increase in production volumes. Manufacturing a house in a factory includes all the steps of the process, from the selection of materials to a well-established control routine and documentation of every house that leaves our factory. We take responsibility for the entire production chain.

We, “Relaxus”, are very proud of our products and of every team member as they all have a high level of competence and professional knowledge acquired in Scandinavia and are constantly improving it.

What is the process like?

We often invite our customers to come to our factory, where we not only tell them what the house will look like, but also give them the opportunity to see it. During the preliminary assessment, we discuss the key details such as the desired size of the structure, the selected finishes, what needs to be provided inside and out, and then we move on to the conclusion of the contract and begin production.

However, in many cases, our products are manufactured for clients with whom we do not even have physical contact, however, the purchase process allows you to fully control your order without leaving your home, simply by coordinating the order online.

During manufacturing, each product is archived. In the archive, the client can follow the progress of work, check the conformity of materials and view photos of work in progress.

We use the following payment method:

10% - of the contract sum when, after preliminary agreement, the final contract is signed, to which drawings with dimensions and  the foundation plan, will be added.

40% of the contract sum when we inform you about the start of the work. This stage is usually expected within 14 days.

30% - the contract sum during the 2-4th week of production, starting the finishing works.

10% - of the contract sum after informing about the end of production and the posibility to collect the product  if delivery is not included in the contract.

10% - of the contract sum after the collection or installation of the product if the product requires the installation service of our staff.



We apply a 5-year warranty for all products, and for the equipment in the products according to the manufacturer's warranty period.

We provide a warranty only for products located in the Republic of Lithuania.

We remove finishing defects that appear in the products during the time of using the product halfway through the warranty service period, i.e. after 2.5 years. This condition is not valid if, after the inspection, it is obvious that the defects were caused by improper use of the item and irresponsible behavior that influenced the defects.


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